Decentralized Shipyard Software is creating a fleet of exchanges to suit every crypto trader.

We are building specialized, elegant DEXs for every type of trade, trader, and instrument. We’re levelling the playfield of global exchange by creating free and fair markets, because it’s the world we want to see.
OUR team

Mark Lurie

CEO + Operations

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Angie Malltezi

Strategy & Operations

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Abe Othman

Chief Scientist

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Michael Muehl

Head of Product R&D

Edo Pacheco


Drew Tozer

Head of Design

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Alexey Malashkevich


Rodna Marrufo


Daniel Reinoso


Ben Klein


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Ariana Fariab

Content & Research, Biz Dev

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Jeremy Coffey

Marketing & Biz Ops

Join us in the pursuit of free and fair global markets

Our team is made up of forward-thinking dreamers who want to diversify DeFi. You’re invited to take part.
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OUR services
We design and build powerful apps and tools for DeFi. We’re also keen on collaborating with other visionary WEB3 builders to grow the ecosystem through consultation and audits. Our partnership selection process is limited, please write us to inquire further.

Creating novel DEXs & tools



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CEO Mark Lurie sits down every other week with industry players to chat about how the biggest news in crypto affects real traders.
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